Herbs that you can plant in your home and the benefits of taking them


Why is there so much post about urban gardens? That if it is not in the patio, it will be on the terrace and if not, even hanging from the window. For those who have done the test, they know that the matter goes beyond the aesthetic, and it is not about getting esoteric, but simply embracing the empirical facts: The natural has a different flavor to the packaged and – take good care of the chair that this is a scoop-, it has a better flavor.

In the case of herbs, having them at home makes one go safe. If you buy the container, when you come grinding, they can be perfectly sticks of the plant and not the leaf, root or flower, which is what contains most of the properties. Of course, it’s work ابطال السحر .

You have to have them fresh, prune them often so that they retain their aroma and flavor, because if they wither, neither the aesthetic nor the benefactor remains. So that this does not happen, there is a trick called “mother tincture”, which consists of macerating the plant to preserve its properties in ethyl alcohol. It is simple but there are several instructions so we leave you a video tutorial.


Menthol has properties as a natural antiseptic of the intestinal and anesthetic type, helps to eliminate bad breath. It prevents the formation of gas in the stomach. It is used in rheumatic and muscular pain, respiratory conditions (colds, flu, bronchitis and sinusitis). The essence of mint is stimulating the nervous system, usually being ingested as tea or drops.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) says there is no evidence to support antipyretic or anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint oil. The scientific evidence supporting possible improvements in digestive complaints is preliminary.

Attention: It is important not to use it in children under two years, people with gallstones and women who breastfeed, as it could reduce the flow of milk.


One of the best friends of the digestive system: Helps to fight intestinal disorders, gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcers, vomiting and slow digestion, very suitable for stomach pain. In addition, it increases bile secretion, p rotege the liver, is a diuretic, antiulcer and relieves pain of menstruation. For its essential oil content, it also helps to heal and disinfect wounds, by having an antibiotic, antimicrobial and fungal action. It also helps against nervous pictures.

Traditional medicine has used chamomile as an anti-inflammatory, sedative and even against stomach ulcers for centuries. A British study recently found out what the beauty of its properties was: It raises the levels of two substances (glycine and hippurate) that are muscle and nerve relaxants.


Stressed? Anxious? Problems sleeping? His grass is rue. It also has among its powers to beantispasmodic and a digestive remedy. Its infusion is recommended for digestive and colic disorders. Ideally, take it after meals.

Attention: Its consumption should be moderate since in large quantities it can cause hemorrhages and seizures. This herb is contraindicated in pregnant women and should not be taken concentratedly or for a long time, as it could be toxic and cause ulcers, vomiting and other ills.

Externally, it is used in rheumatic pain, scabies, eczema, conjunctivitis and even lice.


Take out paper and pencil to write the list of benefits that this plant has: Both its leaves and seeds and root have anti- inflammatory, healing, diuretic, expectorant, antiseptic, anticancer and antibacterial effects, in addition to being used in cases of stomach ulcers. Its infusion is highly recommended to cure cough and bronchitis.

Attention: Be careful to make infusions very concentrated, because it can have an antihypertensive or very laxative effect. In addition, pregnant women should avoid its use.

The doctor and researcher Carlos Kozel explains the properties of this herb in his book “Advisor of Natural Medicine I: Plants”.


They say that it owes its name to a Spanish soldier, who used the plant to calm a hemorrhage and was successful in the situation. It is a powerful healing in all types of wounds, both internal (digestive ulcers, hepatic dysfunction) and external (cuts on the skin). In addition to being a good analgesic, it fights fungi.

The pharmacological evaluation of serial extracts obtained from the leaves has demonstrated the oral and topical anti-inflammatory properties, oral analgesic, healing and antioxidant of the hexane, dichloromethane and methanolic extracts, the latter two being more active.

Melissa / Melissa

If you are not a “nerves operated”, this may be the plant that helps you to be. Melissa is frequently used in relaxation infusions, against anxiety and depression, in addition to acting as a sedative and protector of memory. It is used to resuscitate fainting, in heart problems such as palpitations, to calm the nerves and anguish, and headaches.

Attention: Its use is not recommended in minors, pregnant women, lactating women or people with thyroid hormone treatment.

Preparation: take a spoonful of the leaf in a liter of boiled water and take it up to three times a day.

For more information please visit us ابطال السحر

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