New Dual Color Audi Style LED Strip Lights With Switchback Function


Presenting the brand new 12 inches (30 cm) long Super Bright Xenon White/Amber Yellow Dual-Color switch-back Flexible LED Strip Lights, inspired by the brand new Aston Martin DB9 with its revolutionary LED Daytime Running Lights that shine Xenon White during driving and function as turn signal lights in amber-yellow color.

Each Audi Style LED strip contains 18 pieces super glowing high-power 3-Chip SMD LED bulbs, there are 9 bits Xenon White LEDs for daytime running light style and 9 bits amber-yellow LEDs for turn signal lighting manner.

They are Widely Used for light up around the headlight lamps, Foglights or beneath the bumper to bring your car a brand new European LED daytime running lights (DRL) appearance and can also function as add-on Turnsignal lights such as the brand new Aston Martin DB9, too like Audi A5 Q7 Style LED Headlights and Mercedes Sclass LED Foglights (aka LED Driving Lights)5050 led strip lights

Highlights of those New-designed Xenon White/Amber Yellow Dual-Color Switch-back LED Light Strips:

* It has two colors, Xenon White and amber-yellow. Best for using as daytime running lights and turn signal bulbs.
* water proof design, allow it to be rather easy to customize the car outside without fretting about any water damage.
* 3MSelf-adhesive tape on the trunk, make it very simple to add the LED strip anywhere securely.

The setup is quite simple with simply wiring just. If you join this kind of switchback LED strip to market corner light bulb harness, there’ll be no mistake revealing on dashboard!

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