Factors That Influence Managing Your Dog Obedience Problems


Training your dog correctly will reveal a major difference between having a misbehaved dog and an obedient dog. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind as you begin dog training.

If you have no experience in owning a dog before, the training is a crucial if not the most important aspect to be considered when dealing with dog obedience problems.

But knowing your dog needs training and going out of your way for your canine to be trained are two different factors. Where does one begin?

There are a few factors that originate with being an animal that originates from a pack. The important factors when training dogs is that they are typically sociable creatures, used to obeying a pre-determined system and social structure.

The origins of canines:

Similar to wolves, canines are animals that originate from a pack. Therefore, whilst an animal that has been domesticated may have had many of it’s original traits eliminated or dampened, some of the original instincts and behaviours still exist https://www.dogsorb.com.

Being sociable creatures, canines prosper by interacting amongst other canines. A dog doesn’t consider you being human but as a dog that is strange, even funny looking. Yes that’s right. Therefore, dogs love to interact with you.

Like a wolf, experiencing pack rejection, in the off-chance you do not provide your dog with this interaction, your dog will become agitated and unhappy despite you viewing its condition as part of it’s dog obedience problems.

When training your dog, one can implement this approach to punish or reward your dog. Some canine interaction ( for example, talking with an excited tone, being encouraging, or patting) can be an equally rewarding experience as can food ‘treats’. In a similar way, not paying your dog any attention, can prove an effective training towards your dog when it does something wrong – and this is much better than hitting them.

Similar to most animals, even humans, dogs like to operate within a system. When dogs recognize what they want, and know the times when the higher chances are of doing exact things, they are comfortable and more relaxed. These canines are aware of what to prepare for and not alarmed by a constantly shifting environment.

Such training would ideally remain confined to one system. The most ideal time for your dog to train, should be chosen and adhere to a specific time, as best as you can. Your canine will soon involve itself within a system of preparation for it’s training at a particular time each day in order to be prepared for when it’s time to train. If your canine has readied itself for it’s training, then without a doubt, it will be easier to train.

It’s important for you to maintain your male alpha position at the very beginning. Providing food, interaction, stopping bad behaviour, vocal language and body language contributes towards establishing yourself as the alpha male. If your dog doesn’t think about you as the male alpha, they won’t pay heed to your guidance and this can create more dog obedience problems.

The alpha is always in control in a pack. In the end, this is the canine that is the protector of the pack and ensures the survival of pack and that is well fed.

As already discussed, typically the owner is viewed as a peculiar dog and even inhuman. In fact, to some dog’s you could be the one with the dog obedience problems!

To be an owner of a canine, your role of alpha male must be fulfilled. In most cases it is normal where your alpha role is challenged by your dog’s alpha male character.

An example is that in the time you let your dog know your cupboard holds the doggy biscuits, your dog would typically forget inside a couple of hours. But, if you showed your dog where the biscuits were, by having the words ‘biscuits’ repeated each time, the cupboard would be the first place to be raided. The cupboard may be searched for a few hours every day for the rest of it’s life, but this is not the point.

A doggy memory:

Most us are aware that goldfish do not have long memories, but it may come as a surprise to find out that canines also possess short attention spans as well.

In the situation you could communicate something to your dog, there is also the high possibility that for the next day or even in a couple of hours, all may be forgotten. Alternatively the other does have amazingly good memory which means that essentially, should your canine create association with something you have told it, the chances are he or she will retain what it has been taught for a long time from now.

Dog language:

Dogs are unable to speak a dog language and unable to communicate in human language. When training your dog this is a real must to know. As the owner, it is important the right command words are chosen for your dog and yourself otherwise a dog’s natural behaviour can be misconstrued as dog obedience problems.

It is important that the command words are not taken lightly or else your canine may experience a state of confusion when such a word repeats itself in the centre of a sentence, which can only potentially create more dog obedience problems. A word that can be typically used more than once in dog training is ‘come’ command.

A version of slang may well be better to use or ‘come here’ to be merged into a small word.

Typically, when training a dog, one is required for the topic at hand to have some kind of association with something. For example when one trains a dog to be seated. In the situation where one associates the word ‘sit’ by teaching your canine to be seated and then providing a treat.

When this technique is repeated several times, eventually your canine will identify your ‘sit’ command with actually being seated and then being given a treat.

The challenge here is to disassociate the reward and ask oneself why each dog assume a seated position when your hand has food in it?

Most importantly, when one chooses to replace a command with a word one must stick to it and find consistency or else your canine can experience confusion.

It can be annoying to arrive back to your house to find your new PC yanked from it’s wiring, and use prepared wording when addressing your canine.

However your canine doesn’t understand the language of humans and it’s important to remember that he can only recognize those words that he or she has been trained with. In the chance you begin to use alternative words in contrast to tones that your canine doesn’t comprehend.

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