Do App Download Numbers Really Matter?


When you set up your app and kickstart the marketing effort, you begin tracking a set of metrics to gauge the results of your own application. But what is dependent upon how you define success and on your vision of this app’s goals. There’s absolutely not any app owner who does not want his creation to become an overnight sensation with several million downloads. However, are those down load amounts that much important, will you count on them to state with full confidence your app is powerful? Is there characteristics that require extra attention?

A closer look shows that down load amounts AppValley cannot be the sole real metric to utilize. They don’t really demonstrate the actual value of your app, specially if compared with other significant metrics. In some manner they are sometimes rather delusive. Let us see why they can’t reveal anything definite, if considered on their own.

Why App Downloads Are A Delusive Metric

When you launch this application, the first two or three weeks usually demonstrate the down load flourish. You promote it, support it, look through the initial reviews on program stores and maybe technology blogs. However an program that’s downloaded does not necessarily get started; a launched application is not fundamentally used atleast one time; what’s more, an ordinary app has a major prospect of not used more often than once. That’s why tons of downloads usually do not exactly suggest that your program is terrific.

People today tend to download plenty of programs, but so on may get tired of their gathering excess in their homescreen. It’s tough to grab focus on some thing that is always rolling inside the abundance of same-structured pages on application stores. Even harder it is to maintain consumers’ interest.

Analytics programs do count downloads but don’t count deletions. This makes the download metric even more vague while it constantly develops. Program downloads don’t tell you anything that can make your app better. You should not know too much about them, you will need to know more on the subject of user behaviour and gather feedback.

There Are Things That Matter More Than Downloads

Even when the program gets downloaded, it can easily be thrown away over a period of time. When it’s not established at once, users may ignore it and delete afterwards. What matters this is your true usage. Exactly how many time do people spend in the own app? How well does it coincide with your calculations? There is an expected average time a user spends on an app, based upon its purpose, and that’s what should be measured and examined. These items are more precious than bare numbers of downloads.

The program can be only paid, which means direct revenues; also it might be liberated with the other monetization model aboard, say, freemium. No matter, if it doesn’t provide great user experience, it will not be a hit. Downloads tell nothing much here again. There is a gap in only getting an app sold by any way and which makes its users more happy by the fact of its own presence. Thinking long term, the latter is vitally crucial. Of course should otherwise, if the quantities of downloads are not as huge as you expected, the program isn’t fundamentally a failure.

Any good, lasting program should raise interest of possible users, engage them, retain them after the initial usages, and convert them into paying users. If you want to create your program valuable and make sure it remains valuable after the deployment, you should not consider program download amounts as a critical statement of the app’s success. Surely it’s great if it has downloaded and above, and the counter keeps tracking, however, that is not the program’s value on its own.

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